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Enhance your maps

Embed in your website's search engine an API that indicates to your users the Points of interest nearby, boosting hereby the relevance of the search results.

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An innovative API available in Europe (Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany & more to come soon)

The Genesis

In early 2014, our question was: « Where do I buy my apartment so that my family can live happy? »
The ambition was then to help each of us find a place to live with good schools, shops and public transportation for a simplified life. »
And that's how YATMO was born!

Just a small part of our data is visible on the map, contact us to see more than that...

The team

Denis Huvelle

Denis Huvelle

Passionate about cloud computing, my experience allowed me to create a highly scalable solution for Yatmo in order to offer an efficient and easy to integrate service to a maximum of countries by adapting to the needs and specificities of each market.
Denis Massion

Denis Massion

My encounters and projects conducted to date helped to develop in me a desire to PROPOSE SOLUTIONS and offer the TOOLS that make life easier for the users. With YATMO we bring value to the real estate search engines and to the indivuals LOOKING FOR REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES.


We use Swagger to help your developers to quickly integrate our API with any programming language!
Follow this link to access to our Swagger page: http://api.be.yatmo.com/swagger
(a licence key is needed to try it)


We constantly monitor our API to offer you the best service possible:

Customers & Partners

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