Kamstraat 21
Biévène 1547

Nearby cities in Biévène

It takes about 42 minutes to reach Brussels with your car. Mons is 43 minutes away by car. It takes about 32 minutes to reach Aalst with your car. La Louvière is 34 minutes away by car.

Transports around Kamstraat 21

Do you need to charge an electric car? The nearest charging station ("Daelstraat") is just 7 minutes away by car. The motorway A8 / E429 - E42 (Halle - Tournai - (Lille, France)) can be reached in 7 minutes. The nearest train station is "Galmaarden / Gammerages": reachable in 6 minutes by car, or 50 minutes by public transport.


An amusement park is 21 minutes away by car :"Parc Pairi Daiza" The "Château De Beloeil" castle is 31 minutes away by car. "Hôpital Notre-Dame À La Rose" can be reached in 15 minutes with your car. It takes 18 minutes to reach the museum "Espace Gallo-Romain". "Golf Club Enghien" STRONG]golf can be reached in 13 minutes by car.


For your food shopping, you have multiple options: "Spar Express Biévène" (21 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car), "Smatch Galmaarden" (7 minutes by car), "Ad Delhaize Galmaarden" (8 minutes by car).

Public transports

This property is served with several bus lines such as De Lijn - 161 - Leerbeek - Geraardsbergen, De Lijn - 74 - Geraardsbergen-Moerbeke-Viane-Bever/Biévène, De Lijn - 72 - Geraardsbergen-Moerbeke-Galmaarden-Bever/Biévène with a stop reachable in fewer than 21 minutes as a pedestrian.


The closest high school is named "Maison Saint-Augustin (Doa)" and is 10 minutes' away by car. You can find a convienient nursery: "Pierrot 3", 25 minutes away by foot. You can find a close preschool and elementary school: "Gemeentelijke Basisschool - Ak'Cent Bever", 3 minutes away by car.

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