Jos Reypensstraat 26
Duffel 2570

Transports in Duffel

The nearest train station is "Duffel": reachable in 3 minutes by car, or 20 minutes by public transport. The A1 / E19 (Brussels - Mechelen - Antwerpen - (Breda, Netherlands)) motorway is accessible in 8 minutes and A12 (Brussels - Boom - Antwerpen - (Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands)) will take 15 minutes. In fewer than 2 minutes, you can find a charging station ("Duffel Merodestraat") for your electric car. About 28 minutes bike away, you will find the "Cambio - Handbogenhof" station. The nearest airport is Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) and is reachable by car in 14 minutes.

Nearby cities around Jos Reypensstraat 26

Antwerp is only 21 minutes away by car. In 38 minutes you can reach Leuven. It takes approximately 37 minutes to reach Mechelen with your bike. Sint-Niklaas is 32 minutes away by car.


You have the choice between several nearby supermarkets: "Okay Duffel" (6 minutes by foot or 1 minute by car), "Ad Delhaize Duffel" (12 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by car), "Aldi Duffel" (18 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by car).


You can find a close nursery: "De Hummeltjes", in fewer than 3 minutes by car. You can find a convienient elementary school: "Go! Basisschool Kiliaan", 10 minutes away by foot. The closest preschool is named "Vrije Kleuterschool" and is 1 minute' away by car. Gemeentelijk Technisch Instituut is the most convieniently located high school: just 11 minutes away as a pedestrian.


In 26 minutes you can reach the "Centre Sortilè" activity. The "Golfclub De Wijnvelden" golf is 12 minutes away by car.

Public transports

You can access these bus lines: De Lijn - 52 - Berchem Station - Hove - Duffel, De Lijn - 53 - Berchem Station - Hove - Duffel with a stand 2 minutes’ walk away, De Lijn - 555 - Lier - Duffel - Rumst with a stop reachable in fewer than 12 minutes as a pedestrian.

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