Vlasbloemstraat 6
Lendelede 8860

Education in Lendelede

You can find a close preschool and elementary school: "Vrije Basisschool Prizma - De Talententuin", 1 minute away by car. If you are looking for a nursery, "Mini Crèche Op Ondekking" it is 2 minutes away by car. Go! Mska Roeselare is the most convieniently located high school: just 7 minutes away as a pedestrian.

Public transports around Vlasbloemstraat 6

The closest bus lines are De Lijn - 60 - Kortrijk - Heule - Lendelede - Izegem - Roeselare with a stop reachable in fewer than 1 minute as a pedestrian, De Lijn - 68 - Belbusgebied Izegem-Ingelmunster-Lendelede-Kuurne with a stand 7 minutes’ walk away.

Nearby cities

In just 29 minutes by car you can reach Roubaix. Tourcoing is only 23 minutes away by car. Only 11 minutes are needed to reach Kortrijk with your car. In just 13 minutes by car you can reach Roeselare.


Wevelgem Airport is 10 minutes’ drive away or reachable by public transport in about 91 minutes. In fewer than 5 minutes, by car, you can be at "Ingelmunster" train station. Thanks to the "Cambio - Vlaskouter" station, you can rent a car when you need one, in fewer than 21 minutes with your bike. The A17 / E403 (Brugge - Kortrijk - Tournai) can be reached in 5 minutes, and the slip road to A19 (Kortrijk - Ieper) is just a 9 minute drive away. Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Berka") is only 6 minutes’ drive away.


The "Waregem Golf" golf is 18 minutes away by car. "Centre Marcel Marlier Dessine-Moi Martine" is 19 minutes away. The museum "Musée De Folklore VIe Frontalière" can be reached in 20 minutes.


There are a variety of supermarkets nearby: "Louis Delhaize Lendelede" (10 minutes by foot or 1 minute by car), "Spar Lendelede" (14 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by car), "Delhaize Izegem" (22 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by car).

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