Bospad 28
Linkebeek 1630

Public transports in Linkebeek

You can access this tram line: STIB/MIVB - 51 - STADE - VAN HAELEN with a stop 27 minutes away by foot. There are multiple bus lines close by: De Lijn - 155 - Anderlecht - Drogenbos - Rode - Halle with a stand 2 minutes’ walk away, TEC Brabant Wallon - 40 - Uccle/Ukkel - Alsemberg - Braine-l'Alleud, De Lijn - 153 - Anderlecht - Drogenbos- Halle - Ninove with a stop reachable in fewer than 15 minutes as a pedestrian.

Nearby cities around Bospad 28

In just 19 minutes by car you can reach Brussels. Leuven is 36 minutes away by car. Aalst is only 26 minutes away by car. It takes about 35 minutes to reach Mechelen with your car.


There is a nearby preschool and elementary school: "Gemeentelijke Basisschool - De Schakel", 8 minutes away by bike. You can find a close high school: "Athenee Royal D'Uccle II", in fewer than 3 minutes by car. If you are looking for a nursery, "Crèche Du Homborch" it is 4 minutes away by car.


"Parlamentarium - Visite Du Parlement Européen" is 18 minutes away. Looking for an activity? There are "Maison De L'Histoire Européenne" to 18 minutes by car.A15 A {minuteCar} minutes drive away is the "Porte De Hal" castle. A religious monument can be visited in the vicinity: "Collégiale Sainte-Gertrude" at 23 minutes drive. The "Golf Club 7 Fontaines" golf course is 9 away. The museum "Musée Wellington" is nearby (10 minutes drive).


The R0 (Brussels ring) motorway is accessible in 8 minutes and A4 / E411 - E25 (Brussels - Namur - Arlon - (Luxembourg (city), Luxembourg)) will take 19 minutes. In fewer than 7 minutes, you can find a charging station ("Kerkstraat - Rue De L'Église") for your electric car. The nearest airport is Brussels Airport and is reachable by car in 25 minutes. The nearest train station is "Linkebeek": reachable in 3 minutes by car, or 16 minutes by public transport. You don’t want to own a car, but you still occasionally need one? There is the "Cambio - Sgr Gemeentehuis-Maison Communale" station where you can rent a shared vehicle just 34 minutes away by foot.


There are a variety of supermarkets nearby: "Proxy Delhaize Linkebeek" (12 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by car), "Delitraiteur Alsemberg" (5 minutes by car), "Louis Delhaize Uccle (Rue Du Château D'Or)" (6 minutes by car).

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