Faimes 4317

Addresses in Faimes (Borgworm / Waremme) where 3,935 inhabitants are distributed over 28.5 km² with a higher proportion of women (50.3%) than men in this municipality. The average age is 40 years, the inhabitants are in majority owners (86%) of their dwelling and have an average per capita income of 21,126€ net per year. There is an average of 1.6 cars per household either above the country's average (1.3).

The most represented nationalities are the following:
- 97.8% Belgium
- 0.7% France
- 0.6% Italy
- 0.2% Poland
- 0.1% Spain
- 0.1% Romania
- 0.1% Greece
- 0.5% Other

Marie, Anne, Isabelle, Nathalie and Catherine are the first names you will come across the most in Faimes for men and Jean, Michel, Philippe, Olivier and Frédéric for women.

In Faimes, the dwellings have on average 6.5 rooms or more than the national average (6). On average, buildings were built around 1934 and the breakdown is as follows: 95.2% houses and 4.8% apartment buildings.

The different types of buildings are distributed as follows:
- 66% open type houses, farms, castles
- 21.1% semi-closed type houses
- 5.9% houses of the closed type
- 4.7% buildings and flat blocks
- 1.3% other types of buildings
- 1% commercial houses

Companies in Faimes are located in the following sectors:
- 27 companies active in "mixed farming"
- 17 corporations active in "business and other management consultancy activities"
- 15 corporations present in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 14 companies active in "growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds"
- 13 corporations in the field "dispensing chemist in specialised stores"
- 11 corporations active in "architectural activities"

Living in Faimes, you will not be far from an entrance to the A3 / E25 - E40 - E42 (Brussels - Leuven - Liège - Eupen - (Aachen, Germany)) motorway, which is 6 minutes by car from the centre of the town. An entrance for the A15 / E42 motorway (La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège) is also accessible in 9 minutes.

These main roads pass through Faimes:
- N69
- N637

For education, the municipality has 3 nurseries (for example: the nursery "M. D." or also "M. B."), 3 nursery schools ("Ecole Maternelle Libre De Viemme" or "Ecole Communale Fondamentale"), 2 primary schools (e.g. school "Ecole Communale Fondamentale" or "Ecole Communale Fondamentale") but no secondary school.

Faimes is served by 4 lines of bus including these lines:
- Bus TEC, Line 145: Huy - Waremme
- Bus TEC, Line 245: Waremme - Haneffe - Verlaine
- Bus TEC, Line 83: Liège - Bierset - Hannut
- Bus TEC, Line L1022: Huy - Waremme

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Bleret", "Waremme / Borgworm", "Remicourt", "Momalle", "Fexhe-Le-Haut-Clocher".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

The nearest airport is "Liège Airport" and is 18 minutes away by car or 112 minutes by public transport.

We are not aware of the existence of shared bicycles in this commune. Faimes has no shared cars at the moment.

Rue de la Vallée
Rue Fond de Liège
Place de l'Eglise
Sentier Désiré Tihon
Place du Presbytère
Campagne de la Tomballe
Rue du Bassin d'Orage
Rue d'Ambierle
Rue de l'Ecole
Thier de Latinne
Rue de la Campagne dèl Pîre
Ruelle Piette
Sentier du Tumulus
Sentier de la Chapelle
Rue de la Loire
Place d'Ambierle
Impasse des Frênes
Chemin du Fond de Hollogne
Rue de Saives
Rue de l'Eglise
Rue de la Gare
Rue de la Résistance
Rue de Labia
Rue Grimont
Rue Hubert Krains
Rue Joseph Mignolet
Rue Léon Génie
Rue de Les Waleffes
Rue de Liège
Rue de Termogne
Rue Sainte-Anne
Rue Saint-Georges
Rue Saint-Pierre
Rue de Vaux
Rue de Viemme
Impasse des Kwacs
Rue Félix Delchambre
Rue Georges Berotte
Rue Remikette
Rue de la Station
Route du Bois de Borlez
Chemin de la Petite Campagne
Rue de la Victoire
Chemin des Alouettes
Rue de Vieux-Waleffe
A la Tomballe
Chemin du Sart
Tidje di Lîdge
Sentier Saint-Pompée
Chemin de Godliva
Sentier des Botteresses
Sentier Saint-Georges
Derrière les Haies
Rue du Pré-Helin
Chemin de la Mare
Rue du Sud
Sentier du Corainon
Sentier du Bois
Rue Saint-Blaise
Campagne de la Champignotte
Chemin du Tram
Rue Saint-Roch
Rue de la Tomballe
Rue de la Vau
Rue Libert de Ferme
Route de la Pierre
Rue des Neuf Bonniers
Rue de Seraing-le-Château
Rue de la Justice
Rue de Malaxhe
Rue du Fond de la Rosée
Après Waleffe
Rue du Pierreux
Chemin des Pâches
Chemin du Fond de la Maronne
Rue du Cimetière
Sentier du Tram
Rue du Bois des Tombes
Rue de Grand-Axhe
Chemin de l'Arbre dèl Mai
Rue de la Ferme d'en-Bas
Rue de la Champignotte
Rue de la Croix de Mer
Rue de la Folie
Rue de Borlez
Rue de Celles
Rue de Chapon-Seraing
Rue de Huy
Rue de la Centenaire
Rue Albert Ier
Rue Albert Warnotte
Rue Armand Heptia
Rue Armand Jamoulle
Rue Barbe d'Or
Rue Basse l'Adresse
Rue Basse Voie
Rue Boca de Waremme
Rue Chênay
Rue d'Aineffe
Rue de Bleret
Rue de Bovenistier
Allée des Châtaigniers
Bois du Grand Bon Dieu
Place Joseph Wauters
Place Jules Joiret
Rue Abbé Gelin
Rue Adolphe Braas
Rue Al Cadorette
Rue du Bois
Chaussée Romaine
Clos des Botteresses
Cortil Jonet
Place Abbé Detienne
Place de la Liberté
Place des Combattants
Place Félix Delchambre
Rue du Château d'Eau
Rue du Moulin
Rue du Presbytère
Rue du Tumulus
Rue Emile Vandervelde
Rue des Bada
Rue des Brocalis
Rue des Champs
Rue des Fermes
Rue des Saules
Rue du Bec
Rue du Bon Dieu d'Ans
Rue du Bosquet
Rue du Fays
Rue du Marais
Rue du Carillon

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