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Addresses in Fauvillers (Bastenaken / Bastogne), commune of 74.8 km²: 2,281 people live in this area where there are fewer men than women (50.5%). The average age of the inhabitants is about 37 years, they are majority ownership (68%) in their homes and have an average per capita income of 17,991 € net per year. There is an average of 1.4 cars per household or more than the national average (1.3).

The most represented nationalities are the following:
- 94.5% Belgium
- 1.9% France
- 1.1% Luxembourg
- 0.4% Portugal
- 0.3% Netherlands
- 0.3% Italy
- 0.3% Poland
- 1% Other

In Fauvillers, the first names you will hear the most in women are Marie, Anne, Sarah, Isabelle and Nathalie and for men you will regularly come across Philippe, Marc, Jean, Michel and Olivier.

On average, the homes you come across in Fauvillers will have 6.8 rooms is higher than the Belgian average (6). The average year of construction of the buildings is 1936 and the dwellings in the municipality are distributed as follows: 98.1% houses and 1.9% apartment buildings.

There are buildings distributed as follows:
- 68.2% open type houses, farms, castles
- 21.1% semi-closed type houses
- 4.9% houses of the closed type
- 3.2% other types of buildings
- 1.8% buildings and flat blocks
- 0.8% commercial houses

Multiple companies are located in Fauvillers and work in these fields:
- 44 firms in the domain "mixed farming"
- 14 companies in the field "landscape service activities"
- 11 firms in the domain "logging"
- 11 companies active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 9 companies present in "joinery installation"
- 5 corporations present in "business and other management consultancy activities"

The motorway A26 / E25 (Liège - Bastogne - Neufchâteau) is easily accessible to the residents of Fauvillers: 10 minutes drive is enough from the centre. In addition, there is also access to the A4 / E411 - E25 motorway. (Brussels - Namur - Arlon - (Luxembourg (city), Luxembourg)) to 13 minutes.

In Fauvillers, you will also have access to these main roads:
- CR 315
- N825
- N848

As far as children are concerned, the municipality offers 3 nurseries ("Dominique Loneux" or "Martine Noel" for example), 3 nursery schools ("Ecole Communale Fondamentale" or "Ecole Communale Fondamentale"), 3 primary schools ("Ecole Communale Fondamentale" or "Ecole Communale Fondamentale" for example) but no secondary school.

You will find 5 lines of bus different lines that stop in Fauvillers:
- Bus TEC, Line 2/2: Bastogne - Villers-La-Bonne-Eau
- Bus TEC, Line 2: Jambes (Amée) - Saint-Servais (Beau-Vallon)
- Bus TEC, Line 60: Saint-Hubert - Neufchâteau - Martelange
- Bus TEC, Line 80: Namur (Gare) - Jambes (La Sauge)
- Bus TEC, Line E69: Liège - Bastogne - Arlon

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Habay", "Neufchâteau", "Marbehan", "Bastogne-Sud / Bastenaken-Zuid", "Bastogne-Nord / Bastenaken-Noord".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

The best placed airport in relation to the municipality is "Liège Airport". It is 232 minutes by public transport or 75 minutes by car.

It would seem that there are no shared bicycles in this commune. Fauvillers does not seem to offer shared cars.

Rue de la Quémagne
Rue du Laveu
Rue de la Petite Buchelle
Rue du Pont de Hotte
Rue Sainte-Marie des Champs
Chemin de Gennevaux
Chemin de Jasmin
Chemin de la Bourme
Chemin de la Cambrouille
Chemin de la Fagne
Chemin de la Fontaine
Chemin de la Haiche
Chemin de la Rocade
Chemin de l'Ardoisière
Chemin de Romeldange
Chemin de Tintange à Strainchamps
Chemin des Aubépines
Route d'Oeil
Route du Brame
Rue de la Forge
Rue de la Gare
Rue de la Hautesse
Rue de la Lore
Rue de la Misbour
Rue de la Source
Rue de la Wisbich
Rue des Bruyères
Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais
Chemin de Hollange
Moulin d'Œil
Place Communale
Chemin des Eglantiers
Chemin des Genêts
Chemin des Wagières
Chemin du Beulet
Chemin du Cheslot
Chemin du Facteur
Chemin du Grand Champ
Chemin du Lavoir
Chemin du Renard
Route de la Barrière
Rue des Deux Fontaines
Rue des Deux Laiteries
Rue des Lavandières
Rue du 26 Décembre
Rue du Centre
Rue du Jardin de Curé
Rue du Laid Trou
Rue du Lierre
Rue du Loup
Rue du Montet
Rue du Monument
Rue du Pouille
Rue du Vivier
Route de la Strange
Route de Livarchamps
Route de Malmaison
Chemin du Scheid
Chemin du Séchiron
Chemin du Vieux Château
Dessus du Rotheux
Ferme d'Œil
Impasse de la Drenck
Impasse des Bruyères
Impasse des Hérons
Rue entre Sûre et Strange
Rue Sainte-Anne
Rue Sainte-Marguerite
Rue Vallée de la Sûre
Sentier des vaches
Thier de la Croix
Venelle de la Mine
Venelle de l'Abbé Charles Dubois
Venelle Saint-Antoine
Voie Abbé
La Barrière
La Basseille
La Chaussée
La Chavée
La Fieltz
Le Pachis
Le Rotheux
Le Stein
Le Vâ
Au Chelot
Route de Strainchamps
Chemin de la Hare
Chemin des Artisans
Route de Surré
Route de Tintange
Rue de Hahnenbour
de Hahnenbour
Chemin de la Laiterie
Les Voies de Messe
Michau Pré
Route de Sainlez
Rue de Fontenal
Rue de la Chapelle
Rue du Pont de Burnon
Chemin des Guisselles
Chemin du Dahl
Rue du Prévôt
Rue du Tilleul
Rue Saint-Jean
Rue Croix de Livarchamps
Rue des Abreuvoirs
Rue des Basses Vannes
Rue des Neufs Prés
Rue des Troquettes
Impasse du Lavoir
Rue des Vennes
Route de Warnach
Chemin du Moulin

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