Hensies 7350

Addresses in Hensies (Bergen / Mons) where 6,828 inhabitants are distributed over 26.4 km² with more women (51.7%) than men in this agglomeration. The average age of the inhabitants is about 41 years, they are mostly owners (69%) in their homes and have an average per capita income of 15,709 € net per year. There is an average of 1.2 cars per household and is therefore below the national average (1.3).

The inhabitants come from these different countries:
- 92% Belgium
- 2.7% Italy
- 2.6% France
- 1.1% Turkey
- 0.4% Spain
- 0.4% Morocco
- 0.2% Algeria
- 0.7% Other

In Hensies, the first names you will hear the most in women are Marie, Maria, Nathalie, Martine and Sylvie and for men you will regularly come across Michel, Jean, David, Daniel and Olivier.

In general, the accommodation you will find in Hensies has 6 rooms or precisely the national average. With regard to the age of the buildings, they were built around 1933 and the dwellings in the municipality are distributed as follows: 2.7% apartment buildings and 97.3% houses.

More specifically, here is the breakdown by type of building:
- 36.3% semi-closed type houses
- 31.7% houses of the closed type
- 26.6% open type houses, farms, castles
- 2.6% buildings and flat blocks
- 1.8% commercial houses
- 1.1% other types of buildings

The municipality of Hensies has different companies on its territory, here are the most common areas:
- 18 corporations active in "sale of cars and light motor vehicles"
- 18 corporations active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 13 corporations present in "mixed farming"
- 13 corporations in the field "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 12 firms active in "beverage serving activities"
- 10 companies active in "construction of residential and non-residential buildings"

Residents of Hensies benefit from an entrance to the A7 / E19 - E42 (Halle - Nivelles - Mons - (Valenciennes, France)) motorway: it is a 6 minute drive from the centre. The highway A16 / E42 (Mons - Tournai) also has an access that can be reached in 21 minutes.

In Hensies, you will also have access to these main roads:
- N51
- N552

A supermarket is at your disposal in the commune: 1 Match / Smatch.

In terms of children's facilities, the municipality has 2 nurseries (such as the nursery "Les Petites Gaillettes" or "Le Jardin Des Arsouilles"), 6 nursery schools ("Ecole Communale Fondamentale" or "Ecole Communale Fondamentale"), 6 primary schools (e.g. school "Ecole Communale Fondamentale" or "Ecole Fondamentale Libre") but no secondary school.

Hensies is served by 3 lines of bus including these lines:
- Bus NMBS/SNCB, Line BUS: Tournai -- Mouscron
- Bus TEC, Line 29: Quiévrain - Hensies
- Bus TEC, Line 31: Quiévrain - Dour

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Quievrain", "Thulin", "Ville-Pommerœul", "Harchies", "Hainin".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

The best placed airport in relation to the municipality is "Wevelgem Airport". It is 66 minutes by public transport or 42 minutes by car.

The commune has no shared bicycles in its territory at the moment. Hensies has no shared cars at the moment.

Chasse du Curoir
Rue d'Hainin
Rue du Bois
Rue du Bois Lescot
Rue du Brouta
Rue du Combattant Léon Mahieu
Rue du Couvent
Rue de la Station
Rue de l'Eglise
Rue de Poningue
Rue de Quiévrain
Rue de Sairue
Rue de Thulin
Rue de Crespin
Rue de la Centenaire
Rue de la Chapelle
Rue de la Citadelle
Rue de la Croix-Rouge
Rue de la Faïencerie
Rue de la Gazéification
Chemin de Halage
Chemin de la Garde
Chemin du Trainage
Chemin Périnette
Cité des Courtiseaux
Coron Bouillez
Rue du Moulin
Rue de la Haine
Rue de la Herse
Rue de Villers
Rue d'Elouges
Rue du Quéniau
Rue du Sardon
Rue Elie Bélenger
Rue Emile Vandervelde
Rue Feron Moustier
Rue Ferrer
Rue François André
Rue des Acacias
Rue des Archers
Rue des Aulnois
Rue des Basses Pâtures
Rue des Bouloirs
Rue des Canadiens
Rue des Champs
Coron Joisse
Grande Ruelle
Hameau de Debiham
Hameau de la Neuville
Ruelle Gaston Potier
Square de la Fontaine
Voie des Morts
Rue des Chiens
Rue des Ebéarts
Rue des Ecoles
Rue des Forges
Rue des Prés
Rue des Raulx
Rue des Sartis
Hameau de Poningue
Hameau de Séminaire
Nouvelle Cité
Place Communale
Place de Montroeul
Place de Thulin
Place des Français
Place Saint-Joseph
Résidence La Fontaine
Rue du Fayt
Rue du Foyer
Rue du Levant
Rue du Maïeur Jean Duhot
Avenue de la Libération
Rue Fulgence Masson
Rue Gai Séjour
Rue Général Leman
Rue Gival
Rue Grande
Rue Haute
Rue Jean Jaurès
Rue Joseph Wauters
Rue Michel Cavenaile
Rue Notre-Dame
Rue Radon
Rue Robert Leblanc
Rue du Marais
Rue Victor Delporte
Ruelle du Clerc
Avenue de l'Europe
Rue Adolphe Baneton
Rue Auguste Lecomte
Rue Basse
Rue de Cantrène
Rue de Chièvres
Avenue du Saint-Homme
Avenue du Souvenir
Avenue Paul Pastur
Avenue Prince Charles
Champ de Fayau
Chasse du Couroir
Chasse Moral Amand
Chemin d'Audregnies
Rue des Saules
Rue de Condé
Voie Basse
Avenue des Droits de l'Homme

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