Mont-de-l'Enclus 7750

Addresses in Mont-De-L’enclus (Doornik-Moeskroen / Tournai-Mouscron), as which has 3,764 inhabitants in an area 27.2 km² with slightly more men (50.5%) than women in this municipality. The average age is 40 years, the inhabitants are mainly owners (82%) of their dwelling and have an average per capita income of 18,344€ net per year. Households have on average 1.4 cars is higher than the Belgian average (1.3).

Citizens come from the following countries:
- 96.6% Belgium
- 2.3% France
- 0.2% Spain
- 0.2% Netherlands
- 0.2% Italy
- 0.1% Portugal
- 0.1% Chinea
- 0.4% Other

The most common first names for women in Mont-De-L’enclus are Marie, Christine, Isabelle, Monique and Nathalie and the most common first names for men are Philippe, Marc, Frédéric, Pascal and Patrick.

On average, the homes you come across in Mont-De-L’enclus will have 6.1 rooms and is therefore above the average in Belgium (6). In terms of the age of the buildings, the average is around 1936 with this distribution: 97.3% houses and 2.7% apartment buildings.

The different types of buildings are distributed as follows:
- 66.2% open type houses, farms, castles
- 19.5% semi-closed type houses
- 8.8% houses of the closed type
- 2.6% buildings and flat blocks
- 1.7% commercial houses
- 1.1% other types of buildings

Companies in Mont-De-L’enclus are located in the following sectors:
- 30 corporations active in "mixed farming"
- 20 corporations in the field "landscape service activities"
- 18 firms in the domain "business and other management consultancy activities"
- 15 corporations active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 11 companies active in "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 9 companies present in "joinery installation"

Residents of Mont-De-L’enclus benefit from an entrance to the A8 / E429 - E42 (Halle - Tournai - (Lille, France)) motorway: it is a 15 minute drive from the centre. The highway A16 / E42 (Mons - Tournai) also has an access that can be reached in 15 minutes.

These main roads pass through Mont-De-L’enclus:
- N48

For your daily shopping, you will find the following shop: 1 OKay.

For education, the municipality does not have nurseries, a nursery school ("Ecole Fondamentale Libre De Celles - Mont-De-L'Enclus N°2"), a primary school (Ecole Fondamentale Libre De Celles - Mont-De-L'Enclus N°2) but no secondary school.

Mont-De-L’enclus is served by 4 lines of bus including these lines:
- Bus De Lijn, Line 470: Snelbus Brussel Noord - Haacht
- Bus TEC, Line 483: Tournai - Ronse/Renaix
- Bus TEC, Line 97: Tournai - Renaix/Ronse
- Bus TEC, Line E42: Tournai - Renaix

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Renaix / Ronse", "Anzegem", "Vichte", "Oudenaarde / Audenarde", "Eine".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

The nearest airport is "Wevelgem Airport" and is 29 minutes away by car or 45 minutes by public transport.

Unfortunately, the commune does not seem to have any shared bicycles available. Mont-De-L’enclus has no shared cars on its territory.

Chemin du Rejet à Rhosnes
Chemin du Renard
Chemin du Tuquet
Chemin Fils
Chemin Vieille Motte
Enclus du bas
Enclus du haut
Rue Verte Voie
Sentier Joye
Vieille Cure
Zone du Grand-Pré
Route provinciale
Rue Adolphe Delacroix
Rue Buret
Rue du Lait Battu
Rue du Profondrieux
Rue du Rivage
Rue du Trieu
Chaussée de la Libération
Chaussée de Renaix
Chemin Cache Pienne
Chemin de la Courbe
Chemin de la Duquegnies
Rue Cache de Lannoy
Rue Caumont
Rue Couture d'Orroir
Rue Couture du Moulin
Rue d'Anseroeul
Rue du Triponchaux
Rue Grandsart
Rue Guerissart
Rue Horlitin
Rue Jeaurieux
Rue la Cavée
Rue Labroye
Rue Lequesne
Rue Rouge-Croix
Rue Saint-Pierre
Chemin de la Vallée
Chemin de Maffles
Chemin des Prés
Chemin d'Hollaye
Grand Chemin
Haut Chemin
Haute Vainière
Marais du Pré
Place d'Amougies
Rue de la Cure
Rue de la Montagne
Rue de la Sablière
Rue de la Station
Rue de l'Abattoir
Rue de l'Alouette
Rue de l'Eglise
Rue Deflière
Rue des Champs
Rue Vertbreucq
Rue des Chapelles
Rue des Châtaigniers
Rue des Courbes
Rue des Croisons
Rue des Fontaines
Chemin du Bois
Chemin du Bue
Chemin du Carnois
Chemin du Crédit
Chemin du Harby
Chemin du Moulin
Place d'Anseroeul
Place de la Gare
Place de Russeignies
Place d'Orroir
Résidence de la Fraternité
Résidence de l'Aéroport
Résidence Horlitin
Rue des Fusillés
Rue des Joncs
Rue des Marais
Rue des Prairies
Rue des Résistants
Route d'Amougies
Rue d'Orroir
Rue du Couvent
Rue du Jardin
Avenue Albert Opsomer
Bas Rejet
Cache Claux
Chaussée de Kwaremont

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