Ohey 5350

Addresses in Ohey (Namen / Namur), commune of 56.7 km²: 5,127 people live in this area where there are slightly more men (50.1%) than women in this municipality. The average age is 38 years, the inhabitants are mainly owners (79%) of their dwelling and have an average per capita income of 17,630€ net per year. Households have on average 1.4 cars and is therefore above the average in Belgium (1.3).

Citizens come from the following countries:
- 98% Belgium
- 0.7% France
- 0.4% Italy
- 0.2% Germany
- 0.1% Portugal
- 0.1% Netherlands
- 0.1% Spain
- 0.4% Other

In Ohey, the first names you will hear the most in women are Marie, Anne, Isabelle, Françoise and Martine and for men you will regularly come across Jean, Philippe, Michel, Pierre and Nicolas.

The average number of rooms in Ohey is about 6.4 either above the country's average (6). In terms of the age of the buildings, the average is around 1926 with this distribution: 93.3% houses and 6.7% apartment buildings.

The breakdown by type of building is as follows:
- 60.1% open type houses, farms, castles
- 25.3% semi-closed type houses
- 6.5% buildings and flat blocks
- 5.2% houses of the closed type
- 1.5% other types of buildings
- 1.3% commercial houses

The municipality of Ohey has different companies on its territory, here are the most common areas:
- 44 firms active in "mixed farming"
- 20 firms present in "maintenance and repair of motor vehicles"
- 18 companies active in "electrical installation"
- 18 firms active in "landscape service activities"
- 17 firms in the domain "business and other management consultancy activities"
- 17 firms in the domain "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"

The motorway A4 / E411 - E25 (Brussels - Namur - Arlon - (Luxembourg (city), Luxembourg)) is easily accessible to the residents of Ohey: 13 minutes drive is enough from the centre. In addition, there is also access to the A15 / E42 motorway. (La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège) to 15 minutes.

You will have easy access to the following roads in Ohey:
- N698
- N921
- N983

For your daily shopping, you will find the following shops: 1 OKay and 1 Intermarché.

In terms of children's facilities, the municipality has 9 nurseries (such as the nursery "M. D." or "Sandra Hobe"), 5 nursery schools ("Ecole Fondamentale D'Ohey I" or "Ecole Fondamentale D'Ohey II"), 5 primary schools ("Ecole Fondamentale D'Ohey II" or "Ecole Fondamentale D'Ohey I" for example) but no secondary school.

4 lines of bus passing through Ohey, here is an overview of the possibilities:
- Bus TEC, Line 13: Andenne (Seilles) - Ciney
- Bus TEC, Line 14: Ohey - Gesves
- Bus TEC, Line 42: Namur - Faulx - Andenne (Seilles)
- Bus TEC, Line 96/1: Proxibus de Gesves

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Andenne", "Château-De-Seilles", "Sclaigneaux", "Namêche", "Florée".

If you need to recharge your electric vehicle, 1 recharging stations are available in Ohey.

In 35 minutes by car or 55 minutes by public transport, the nearest airport is Liège Airport.

We are not aware of the existence of shared bicycles in this commune. Ohey has no shared cars on its territory.

Chemin des Maquettes
Rue du Gouverneur Falize
Rue du Gros Hêtre
Rue du Lilot
Rue du Moulin
Rue du Pilori
Rue du Souvenir
Rue du Tilleul
Rue en Rendarche
Route de la Chapelle
Route de la Ferme
Route de Nalamont
Aux Echavées
Chemin d'Achaie
Chemin d'Andenne
Chemin de Chez Jacques
Chemin de Chez le Maréchal
Chemin de Chez Leleux
Chemin de Chubrin
Chemin de Dinant
Chemin de Grande Communication
Chemin de Marchin
Chemin de Migneroulle
Chemin de Saint-Fontaine
Chemin de Tahier
Drève Charlotte-en-Bourg
La Bouchaille
Les Bôles
Place Communale
Rue des Essarts
Rue des Onze Bonniers
Place de l'Eglise
Place Roi Baudouin
Pré Magolet
Rue des Sorbiers
Rue Draily
Rue du Batil
Rue du Baty
Rue du Berger
Rue du Centre
Rue du Château
Route d'Andenne
Route de Goesnes
Route de Huy
Route de la Béole
Rue Tahier
Rue Taille Guerry
Rue Thirionnet
Rue Trou Bouquiau
Rue Trou du Loup
Rue Trou Motoul
Rue Voie des Gérons
Rue Wallay
Route d'Ohey
Rue Abbé Matagne
Rue Adèle Thomas
Rue Basse Godin
Rue Basses Golettes
Rue Henri Chêne
Rue Hodoumont
Rue le Long de la Commune
Rue le Long du Château
Rue Malizette
Rue Marcel Adam
Rue Marteau
Rue Monseigneur Lamy
Rue Motte
Rue Pierre Froidbise
Rue de l'Erdal
Rue de Reppe
Rue Dehasse
Rue des Aywisses
Rue des Ecoles
Rue de l'Harmonie
Rue de Libois
Rue de l'Orgalisse
Rue Winget
Ruelle Milquet
Sentier de la Bourlotte
Sentier de l'Eglise
Sentier du Moulin
Tige du Chênu
Vieux Chemin
Voie du Rauyisse
Rue Bois Dame Agis
Rue Bois de Goesnes
Rue Bois des Loges
Rue Plantis
Rue Pont de Jallet
Rue Pont du Levisse
Rue Pourri-Pont
Rue Ramelot
Rue Saint-Donat
Rue de Matagne
Rue Bois d'Ohey
Chemin des Meuniers
Chemin d'Eve
Chemin du Bas
Rue Brionsart
Rue Chesbrin
Rue Clair Champs
Rue Clair Chêne
Rue Cléal
Rue Curé Binet
Rue d'al Bôle
Rue Saint-Martin
Chemin du Charron
Chemin du Dessous
Chemin du Grand Chêne
Chemin du Marticha
Chemin du Moulin
Chemin du Paradis des Chevaux
Chemin du Sobèjet
Chemin du Tige
Rue Saint-Mort
Rue Saint-Pierre
Route de Résimont
Rue de Baya
Rue de Ciney
Rue de Coutisse
Rue de Filée
Route de Sorée
Route d'Havelange
Rue Eugène Ronveaux
Rue Fond de Bologne
Rue Gibet Conette
Rue Gilmar
Rue Godin
Rue Sart Donneux
Rue Stocus
Rue sur les Sarts
Rue sur Villers
Rue Sybilla Lentzen
Rue Grand Vivier
Rue Grande Ruelle
Rue Hautes Golettes
Rue de Gesves
Rue de Huy
Rue de la Bourlotte
Rue de la Centrale
Rue de la Fosse à la Dièle
Rue de la Fosse aux Pierres
Rue de la Pierre du Diable
Rue de la Source
Rue de l'Eglise
Rue Fernand Bourgeois
Rue Saint-Raboni
Rue du Pré Magnette
Rue du Batis du Moulin
Rue du Village

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