Sivry-Rance 6470

Addresses in Sivry-Rance (Thuin) where 4,798 inhabitants are distributed over 73.6 km² with slightly more women (50.9%) than men in this municipality. The average age of the inhabitants is about 42 years, they are mostly owners (69%) in their homes and have an average per capita income of 16,347 € net per year. The households own about 1.3 cars or precisely the national average.

The inhabitants come from these different countries:
- 96.9% Belgium
- 2.3% France
- 0.3% Italy
- 0.1% Cameroon
- 0.1% Rwanda
- 0% Romania
- 0% Switzerland
- 0.3% Other

In Sivry-Rance, the first names you will hear the most in women are Marie, Isabelle, Françoise, Bernadette and Nathalie and for men you will regularly come across Michel, Philippe, Jean, Christophe and Jacques.

In general, the accommodation you will find in Sivry-Rance has 6 rooms either aligned with the country's average. The average year of construction of the buildings is 1915 and the dwellings in the municipality are distributed as follows: 95.6% houses and 4.4% apartment buildings.

The different types of buildings are distributed as follows:
- 53.1% open type houses, farms, castles
- 21.7% semi-closed type houses
- 10.5% houses of the closed type
- 8.8% other types of buildings
- 3.9% buildings and flat blocks
- 2% commercial houses

Companies in Sivry-Rance are located in the following sectors:
- 60 corporations in the field "mixed farming"
- 18 companies present in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 12 firms in the domain "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 11 companies present in "construction of residential and non-residential buildings"
- 10 corporations present in "joinery installation"
- 9 firms active in "landscape service activities"

The motorway A54 / E420 (Nivelles - Charleroi) is easily accessible to the residents of Sivry-Rance: 37 minutes drive is enough from the centre. In addition, there is also access to the A15 / E42 motorway. (La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège) to 37 minutes.

You will have easy access to the following roads in Sivry-Rance:
- N53
- N 53
- N596
- D 962

Several supermarkets are at your disposal in the commune: 1 SPAR and 1 Delhaize.

As far as children are concerned, the municipality offers 7 nurseries ("M. G." or "F. M." for example), 5 nursery schools ("Ecole Communale Fondamentale" or "Ecole Fondamentale Libre Saint-Louis"), 5 primary schools (e.g. school "Ecole Fondamentale Libre Saint-Joseph" or "Ecole Fondamentale Libre Saint-Louis") and a secondary school ("Institut Technique De La Communaute Francaise David Lachman").

5 lines from bus with a stop in Sivry-Rance, you will find an overview of the lines:
- Bus TEC, Line 109a: Charleroi - Beaumont - Chimay
- Bus TEC, Line 129: Macquenoise - Mons
- Bus TEC, Line 132c: Walcourt - Froidchapelle - Chimay
- Bus TEC, Line 136d: Florennes - Philippeville - Rance
- Bus TEC, Line E109: Express Momignies - Chimay - Charleroi

Here is the choice in the available stations: "Erquelinnes-Frontière", "Erquelinnes", "Solre-Sur-Sambre", "Erquelinnes-Village", "Labuissière".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

In 125 minutes by public transport or 41 minutes by car you can reach the airport "Brussels South Charleroi Airport".

Unfortunately, the commune does not seem to have any shared bicycles available. Sivry-Rance has no shared cars at the moment.

Rue Chevée
Rue Clarisse
Rue Coiroux
Rue Dardenne
Rue de Bailièvre
Rue de Beaumont
Rue de la Borne
Rue de la Bretagne
Rue de Sourenne
Rue de Versailles
Rue d'Eppe
Rue des Combattants
Chemin Lambotte
Gare de Sivry
Grand Chemin
Rue de la Campagne
Rue de la Croix Sainte-Barbe
Rue de la Haye
Rue de la Hutte
Rue du Touquet
Rue Montjumont
Rue Neuve
Rue Noir Aigle
Voies de Renlies
Rue Francart
Rue Frégette
Rue des Ecoles
Rue des Fauvaux
Rue de la Libération
Rue de la Loripette
Rue de La Louvière
Rue de la Marzelle
Rue des Gâtes
Rue des Haies des Chats
Rue des Haiwis
Rue des Juifs
Rue des Saints
Rue des Terniaux
Rue Pauline Hubert
Rue Pierre Modeste
Rue de la Plumette
Rue de la Salette
Rue de la Station
Rue de la Verrerie
Rue Gobert
Rue Godart
Rue Grand Thumas
Rue Grande
Rue Planiau
Rue Grismont
Rue Jean Michaux
Rue des Veaux
Le Relz
Les Bruyères
Les Culots
Place Albert Ier
Place de la Margeride
Rue Albert Durant
Rue de Beaurieu
Rue de Belle Vue
Rue de Bellevue
Rue de Chesnois
Rue de l'Esclinchamps
Rue de l'Etang
Rue de Leval
Rue Douillet
Rue du Calvaire
Rue Ploys
Rue Pont de la République
Rue Poterie
Rue Régence
Rue Sablière
Rue de Chimay
Rue de Chutée
Rue du Gard
Rue du Marché
Rue de Martinsart
Rue La-Haut
Rue Lenoble
Rue les Frès
Rue Saint-Roch
Rue Sansouyère
Rue de Biévaux
Rue Moulard
Rue Lobet
Rue Baloury
Rue du Centre
Rue du Chaufour
Rue du Cimetière
Rue du Commerce
Rue du Fief
Rue Beautrifontaine
Rue Blagnies
Rue Canivet
Rue Carrière
Rue Champs Martin
Rue Chastelain
Rue de Coméries
Rue de Rance
Rue de Sautin
Rue Touvent
Rue Wastenne
Ry de Fromont
Trieu Benoît
Bout de Sautin
Chemin de la Roquette
Chemin de Quinze Pieds
Chemin de Vivier
Chemin des Amours
Chemin du Bowy
Chemin du Tir à la Cible
Chemin Gonette
Rue de France
Rue de la Basse Hollande
Rue de la Bistoquerie
Rue de Sivry
Rue Long des Bois
Rue Margelle
Rue Marlagne
Rue du Moulin
Rue du Onze Novembre
Rue du Paradis
Rue du Roux Marché
Grand Rue
Haie Michaux
Hameau Champ des Lièvres
Hameau Pont Quetot
Hameau Terre des Forges
Impasse du Wellington
Chemin des Mélèzes
Rue des Déportés
Route de Mons

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