Eschbach, Dirbach 9153

Transports in Dirbach

Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Sporthotel Leweck") is only 9 minutes’ drive away. The A7 (Luxembourg City - Ettelbruck) motorway is reachable in 16 minutes. In fewer than 4 minutes, by car, you can be at "Goebelsmuehle" train station.

Education around Eschbach

The closest secondary school is named "Lycée Technique D'Ettelbruck" and is 14 minutes' away by car. Zentralschoul Buurschent is the most convieniently located fundamental school: just 19 minutes away by bike. If you are looking for a nursery, "Maison Relais Bourscheid Cycle 1" it is 6 minutes away by car.


There are a variety of supermarkets nearby: "Cactus Shoppi Friedhaff Aral" (147 minutes by foot or 14 minutes by car), "Aldi Pommerloch" (141 minutes by foot or 13 minutes by car), "Shop N Go Pommerloch 1" (139 minutes by foot or 13 minutes by car).

Public transports

This property is served with several bus lines such as RGTR - P03 - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord - Dirbach, Village with a stop 9 minutes away by foot, RGTR - P04 - Nocher, Schoul - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord with a stand 12 minutes’ walk away, RGTR - 147 - Goebelsmühle, Gare routière - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord with a stop 29 minutes away by foot.