Op der Hobuch, Fentange 5832

Education in Fentange

If you are looking for a fundamental school, "Ecole De Fentange" it is 3 minutes away by car. Mre Ecole Fentange Scol is the most convieniently located nursery: just 16 minutes away as a pedestrian. You can find a close secondary school: "Lycée Vauban", in fewer than 5 minutes by car.

Shopping around Op der Hobuch

You have the choice between several nearby supermarkets: "Cactus Shoppi Totalenergies Howald" (18 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car), "Fentange - Smatch" (26 minutes by foot or 4 minutes by car), "Shop N Go Delhaize Hesperange" (21 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car).


A CFL station ("Howald") is located 12 minutes away by bike or 3 minutes by car. Luxembourg-Findel International Airport is 11 minutes’ drive away or reachable by public transport in about 53 minutes. Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Route De Thionville") is only 3 minutes’ drive away. You can find a shared bike station at 9 minutes as a pedestrian: "Vel'Oh - #00068-Um Schlass". The motorways A3 (Luxembourg City - Dudelange - France) and A1 (Luxembourg City - Wasserbillig - Germany) can be reached in 3 minutes.

Public transports

This property is located close to a few bus lines: RGTR - D09 - Merl, Geesseknäppchen (S) - Howald, Minsbësch with a stop 7 minutes away by foot, AVL - 28 - Howald, P&R Howald - Hesperange, Cité Um Schlass with a stop reachable in fewer than 8 minutes as a pedestrian, RGTR - E12 - Livange, Am Duerf - Limpertsberg, L.T.C. with a stand 13 minutes’ walk away.