An der aler Kéier, Greisch 8363

Education in Greisch

If you are looking for a nursery, "Crèche Tuntange An Dicksen" it is 3 minutes away by car. You can find a close fundamental school: "Sëller Schoul", in fewer than 4 minutes by car. Atert-Lycée Redange is the most convieniently located secondary school: just 56 minutes away by bike.

Shopping around An der aler Kéier

For your food shopping, you have multiple options: "Shop N Go Delhaize Saeul" (33 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car), "Cactus Windhof" (105 minutes by foot or 9 minutes by car), "Naturata Meyers-Haff" (103 minutes by foot or 8 minutes by car).


Luxembourg-Findel International Airport is 23 minutes’ drive away or reachable by public transport in about 83 minutes. A CFL station ("Capellen") is located 43 minutes away by bike or 11 minutes by car. The A6 (Belgium - Luxembourg City) motorway is accessible in 10 minutes and A7 (Luxembourg City - Ettelbruck) will take 12 minutes. Do you need to charge an electric car? The nearest charging station ("Temps D'Or Hotel") is just 7 minutes away by car.

Public transports

This property is served with several bus lines such as RGTR - E24 - Bour - Hollenfels, Vereinsbau, RGTR - 833 - Greisch, Op der Quaert - Kleinbettingen, Gare routière, RGTR - H08 - Mersch, Gare routière - Greisch, Op der Quaert with a stop reachable in fewer than 2 minutes as a pedestrian.