Bei Hencksebréck, Lellingen 9760

Transports in Lellingen

A CFL station ("Wilwerwiltz") is located 5 minutes away by bike or 2 minutes by car. In fewer than 11 minutes, you can find a charging station ("Le Clervaux Boutique & Design Hotel") for your electric car.

Education around Bei Hencksebréck

Mre Kii Schoulkauz/ Lasep is the most convieniently located nursery: just 25 minutes away as a pedestrian. Ecole Schoulkauz is the most convieniently located fundamental school: just 6 minutes away by bike. You can find a close secondary school: "Lycée Du Nord", in fewer than 13 minutes by car.

Public transports

This property is served with several bus lines such as RGTR - P20 - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord - Hosingen, Parc Housen, RGTR - A04 - Clervaux, Gare routière/Lycée - Wilwerwiltz, Gare routière, RGTR - 154 - Wilwerwiltz, Gare routière - Marnach, Geschäftszenter with a stop 9 minutes away by foot.


There are a variety of supermarkets nearby: "Cactus Shoppi Hosingen Gulf" (80 minutes by foot or 9 minutes by car), "Wiltz - Match" (103 minutes by foot or 11 minutes by car), "Aldi Pommerloch" (102 minutes by foot or 14 minutes by car).