Houserstrooss, Lellingen 9760

Education in Lellingen

Mre Kii Schoulkauz/ Lasep is the most convieniently located nursery: just 17 minutes away as a pedestrian. You can find a close secondary school: "Lycée Du Nord", in fewer than 12 minutes by car. Ecole Schoulkauz is the most convieniently located fundamental school: just 5 minutes away by bike.

Public transports around Houserstrooss

The closest bus lines are RGTR - 144 - Hosingen, Parc Housen - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord, RGTR - P20 - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord - Hosingen, Parc Housen, RGTR - A04 - Clervaux, Gare routière/Lycée - Wilwerwiltz, Gare routière with a stop reachable in fewer than 2 minutes as a pedestrian.


Do you need to charge an electric car? The nearest charging station ("Le Clervaux Boutique & Design Hotel") is just 10 minutes away by car. The nearest train station is "Wilwerwiltz": reachable in 1 minute by car, or 10 minutes by public transport.


There are a variety of supermarkets nearby: "Wiltz - Match" (96 minutes by foot or 10 minutes by car), "Proxy Delhaize Wiltz" (91 minutes by foot or 10 minutes by car), "Aldi Pommerloch" (94 minutes by foot or 14 minutes by car).