Rue de Weiler, Merscheid 9380

Shopping in Merscheid

For your food shopping, you have multiple options: "Cactus Shoppi Hosingen Gulf" (88 minutes by foot or 7 minutes by car), "Shop N Go Delhaize Vianden" (134 minutes by foot or 12 minutes by car).

Education around Rue de Weiler

The closest fundamental school is named "Centre Scolaire "parc Housen"" and is 5 minutes' away by car. If you are looking for a nursery, "Kannerhaus Am Wëldpark - Sispolo" it is 6 minutes away by car.


Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Sporthotel Leweck") is only 5 minutes’ drive away. A CFL station ("Goebelsmuehle") is located 37 minutes away by bike or 8 minutes by car.

Public transports

This property is located close to a few bus lines: RGTR - 138 - Hosingen, Eesberwee - Diekirch, Gare routière, RGTR - K23 - Diekirch, Gare routière - Hosingen, Eesberwee, RGTR - A01 - Clervaux, Gare routière/Lycée - Gralingen, Am Bréill with a stand 1 minute’ walk away.