Rue de Roodt, Rambrouch 8805

Transports in Rambrouch

Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Rue De La Piscine") is only 10 minutes’ drive away.

Education around Rue de Roodt

Atert-Lycée Redange is the most convieniently located secondary school: just 33 minutes away by bike. You can find a close nursery: "Maison Relais De Jhangeli Arcus", in fewer than 3 minutes by car. If you are looking for a fundamental school, "Centre Scolaire Et Sportif "raoul Follereau" Koetschette" it is 3 minutes away by car.


For your food shopping, you have: "Cactus Redange" (105 minutes by foot or 10 minutes by car).

Public transports

This property is served with several bus lines such as RGTR - 121 - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord - Redange/Attert, Lycée Atert, RGTR - 120 - Redange/Attert, Lycée Atert - Wiltz, Lycée du Nord, RGTR - M13 - Redange/Attert, Lycée Atert - Bavigne, Gemeng with a stand 8 minutes’ walk away.