Zone Industrielle, Riesenhof 8821

Public transports in Riesenhof

You can access these bus lines: RGTR - M12 - Redange/Attert, Lycée Atert - Bigonville, Knupp, RGTR - 90U - Ettelbruck, Gare - Perlé, Schoul, RGTR - 93U - Colmar-Berg, Usines - Martelange, Gare with a stop 7 minutes away by foot.

Education around Zone Industrielle

You can find a convienient nursery: "Maison Relais De Jhangeli Arcus", 22 minutes away by foot. If you are looking for a secondary school, "Atert-Lycée Redange" it is 14 minutes away by car. The closest fundamental school is named "Centre Scolaire Et Sportif "raoul Follereau" Koetschette" and is 3 minutes' away by car.


There is a supermarket nearby: "Cactus Shoppi Martelange Esso" (76 minutes by foot or 7 minutes by car).


Do you need to charge an electric car? The nearest charging station ("Pall Center") is just 13 minutes away by car.