Cook Islands: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: -15.43747 / longitude: -161.59729

General information


Here are the different languages spoken in the country: English, Rarotongan. Avarua is the nation's capital. The country has a 236 kmĀ² area, they don't use a postcode system and the primary cities are: Matavera, Takitumu, Avarua, Ngatangiia, Te-Au-O-Tonga.


This country represents 0.0002% of the world's population with about 18,100 individuals.


The currency ISO code is NZD and the currency symbol is $.

Good to know

Visit to learn more about this nation. The country's websites have the domain name ".ck", phone numbers start with +682, the ISO code is CK


ISO code CK
Capital Avarua
Population 18,100
World percentage 0.0002%
Main cities
Spoken languages English, Rarotongan
Currency code NZD
Currency symbol $
TLD .ck
Phone prefix +682