Algeria: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: 28.13218 / longitude: 1.66421

General information


The currency ISO code is DZD and the currency symbol is دج. It is ranked 56# in the world with a GDP of $163,044,443,983 USD in 2021.


The following languages are spoken by the nation's citizens: Arabic. This nation's capital is Algiers and the country shares a border with Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Morocco. 2,381,741 km² make up the entire country, a postcode system is employed and the key cities are: Robbah, Robbah ⵔⵔⵓⴱⴰⵃ الرباح, Taghzout, Trifaoui ⵟⵔⵉⴼⴰⵡⵉ الطريفاوي, Trifaoui.


Around 40,400,000 people live in this country, or 0.54% of all people on earth.


Example of famous dishes in this country: Couscous. There are UNESCO listed sites: Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad, Tassili n'Ajjer, M'Zab Valley, Djémila, Tipasa.


You can find famous universities here like University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, University of Djillali Liabès, Sidi Bel-Abbès.

Good to know

Visit to learn more about this nation. The country's ISO code is DZ, the domain name ".dz" is used by the country's websites, phone numbers start with +213


ISO code DZ
Capital Algiers
Population 40,400,000
World percentage 0.54%
Main cities
Spoken languages Arabic
GDP (2021) $163,044,443,983
GDP position #56
Currency code DZD
Currency symbol دج
National dish Couscous
TLD .dz
Phone prefix +213


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