North Korea: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: 40.29787 / longitude: 127.50802

General information


There are 24,213,510 inhabitants, or 0.32% of the population of planet earth.


You can find some UNESCO listed places: Complex of Koguryo Tombs, Historic Monuments and Sites in Kaesong. Example of famous dishes in this country: Galbi, Kimchi.


The following languages are spoken by the nation's citizens: Korean. Pyongyang serves as this nation's capital and the country shares a border with China, South Korea, Russia. The area of the country is 120,538 km², they don't use a postcode system and the main cities are: 평양시, 丹东, Хасан, 군내면, 대성구역.


The currency ISO code is KPW and the currency symbol is ₩.

Good to know

Telephone numbers begin with +850, the domain name ".kp" is used by the country's websites, the ISO code is KP is a good place to find out more details on this country.


ISO code KP
Capital Pyongyang
Population 24,213,510
World percentage 0.32%
Main cities
Spoken languages Korean
Currency code KPW
Currency symbol
National dish Galbi, Kimchi
TLD .kp
Phone prefix +850