Libya: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: 26.4277 / longitude: 17.38407

General information


This nation's capital is Tripoli and the country shares a border with Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia. 1,759,540 km² make up the entire country, they use a postcode system and the key cities are: طرابلس, Tripoli, الخمس, صرمان, مصراتة. People from this country speak these languages: Arabic.


The sign for the local currency is ل.د (LYD). In 2021 the GDP was $42,817,472,975 USD, which ranks it number 86 in the world.


This country represents 0.086% of the world's population with about 6,385,000 individuals. The median age of the population is 25.80 years with a birth growth rate of 1.54%.


There are UNESCO listed sites: Archaeological Site of Leptis Magna, Archaeological Site of Sabratha, Archaeological Site of Cyrene, Rock-Art Sites of Tadrart Acacus, Old Town of Ghadamès.

Good to know

Check out for more information about this nation. The domain name ".ly" is used by the country's websites, telephone numbers begin with +218, the country's ISO code is LY


ISO code LY
Capital Tripoli
Population 6,385,000
World percentage 0.086%
Median age 25.80 years
Population growth rate 1.54%
Main cities
Spoken languages Arabic
GDP (2021) $42,817,472,975
GDP position #86
Currency code LYD
Currency symbol ل.د
TLD .ly
Phone prefix +218