Netherlands: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: 52.22745 / longitude: 4.57342

General information


With a birth growth rate at 0.36%, the median age is 42.80 years. There are 17,056,600 inhabitants, or 0.229% of the population of planet earth.


Example of famous dishes in this country: Stamppot, hutspot. There are UNESCO listed sites in this country: Schokland and Surroundings, Defence Line of Amsterdam, Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout, Historic Area of Willemstad, Inner City and Harbour, Curaçao, Ir.D.F. Woudagemaal (D.F. Wouda Steam Pumping Station).


This country offers several reputable universities like Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Groningen. The average length of time residents spend in school is 19 years (including tertiary education).


The currency symbol is €, and the ISO code for that currency is EUR. You need to pay 4.50€ (that corresponds to $4.61 USD) for a Big Mac at McDonald's ©. In 2021 the GDP was $1,012,846,760,976 USD, placing it at position 17 in the market.


The country has a 41,850 km² area, a postcode system is employed and the primary cities are: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, 'S-Gravenhage, Utrecht, Eindhoven. Here are the different languages spoken in the country: Dutch. Amsterdam is the nation's capital and the country has a border with Belgium, Germany.

Good to know

The ISO code is NL, the domain name ".nl" is used by the country's websites, phone numbers start with +31 is a good place to find out more details on this country.


ISO code NL
Capital Amsterdam
Population 17,056,600
World percentage 0.229%
Median age 42.80 years
Population growth rate 0.36%
Main cities
Spoken languages Dutch
GDP (2021) $1,012,846,760,976
GDP position #17
Big Mac local price 4.50€
Big Mac USD price $4.61
Currency code EUR
Currency symbol
School life expectancy 19 years
National dish Stamppot, hutspot
TLD .nl
Phone prefix +31


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