Paraguay: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: -23.44702 / longitude: -58.4511

General information


People from this country speak these languages: Guarani, Spanish. Asunción is the nation's capital and the country has a border with Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil. The area of the country is 406,752 km², they use a postcode system and the main cities are: Asuncion, Posadas, Puerto Iguazú, Foz Do Iguaçu, San Lorenzo.


This nation has UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Jesuit Missions of La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue. Example of famous dishes in this country: Sopa paraguaya.


There are 6,854,536 people here, or 0.092% of the world's population.


The currency symbol is Gs, and the ISO code for that currency is PYG. In 2021 the GDP was $39,495,431,574 USD, placing it at position 90 in the market.

Good to know

The domain name ".py" is used by the country's websites, the ISO code is PY, phone numbers start with +595 For more information about this country, check


ISO code PY
Capital Asunción
Population 6,854,536
World percentage 0.092%
Main cities
Spoken languages Guarani, Spanish
GDP (2021) $39,495,431,574
GDP position #90
Currency code PYG
Currency symbol Gs
National dish Sopa paraguaya
TLD .py
Phone prefix +595