Serbia: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: 44.21115 / longitude: 20.9103

General information


On average citizens spend 16 years in school (including higher education). This country offers several reputable universities like University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, University of Kragujevac, University of Niš.


There are 7,076,372 people here, or 0.095% of the world's population.


There are UNESCO listed sites in this country: Stari Ras and Sopo?ani, Studenica Monastery, Medieval Monuments in Kosovo, Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius.


This nation's capital is Belgrade and the country shares a border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania. The area of the country is 88,361 km², a postcode system is employed and the main cities are: Novi Sad, Београд, Градска Општина Звездара, Градска Општина Палилула, Градска Општина Чукарица. The inhabitants speak the following languages: Serbian.


The GDP in 2021 was $63,082,047,649 USD, making it the 78# country in the world. The currency symbol is Дин., and the ISO code for that currency is RSD.

Good to know

The country's websites have the domain name ".rs", telephone numbers begin with +381, the ISO code is RS Visit to learn more about this nation.


ISO code RS
Capital Belgrade
Population 7,076,372
World percentage 0.095%
Main cities
Spoken languages Serbian
GDP (2021) $63,082,047,649
GDP position #78
Currency code RSD
Currency symbol Дин.
School life expectancy 16 years
TLD .rs
Phone prefix +381