Mayotte: all about this country and its main places!

latitude: -12.8288 / longitude: 45.15916

General information


374 km² make up the entire country, a postcode system is employed and the key cities are: Mamoudzou, Sada, Chiconi, Tsingoni, M'Tsangamouji. The capital of this country is Mamoudzou. The inhabitants speak the following languages: French.


The currency ISO code is EUR and the currency symbol is €.


There are 226,915 inhabitants, or 0.003% of the population of planet earth.

Good to know

For more information about this country, check The country's ISO code is YT, the domain name ".yt" is used by the country's websites, phone numbers start with +262


ISO code YT
Capital Mamoudzou
Population 226,915
World percentage 0.003%
Main cities
Spoken languages French
Currency code EUR
Currency symbol
TLD .yt
Phone prefix +262