Kortessem 3720

Tourism in Kortessem

The "Flanders Nippon Golf" golf is 16 minutes away by car. The "Fort De Lantin" castle is 23 minutes away by car. You will find "Fort Eben-Emael" within 30 minutes by car. The museum "Tour D’eben Ezer" can be reached in 27 minutes.

Transports around Mersenhovenstraat

The motorway A13 / E313 (Antwerpen - Hasselt - Liège) can be reached in 5 minutes. The nearest train station is "Diepenbeek": reachable in 8 minutes by car, or 84 minutes by public transport. Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Allego Vliermaal") is only 6 minutes’ drive away. For holidays or business, you can reach Liège Airport in fewer than 28 minutes by car. About 33 minutes bike away, you will find the "Cambio - Katarina" station.

Public transports

This property is located close to a few bus lines: De Lijn - 710 - Belbus Kortessem with a stop reachable in fewer than 3 minutes as a pedestrian, De Lijn - 104 - Hasselt-Tongeren(bediening Schalkhoven/Diepenbeek) with a stop 6 minutes away by foot, De Lijn - 453 - Diepenbeek Universiteit - Kortessem with a stop reachable in fewer than 9 minutes as a pedestrian.


You have the choice between several nearby supermarkets: "Proxy Delhaize Kortessem" (8 minutes by foot or 1 minute by car), "Spar Kortessem" (12 minutes by foot or 1 minute by car), "Okay Kortessem" (26 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car).

Nearby cities

Maastricht is only 27 minutes away by car. In just 13 minutes by car you can reach Hasselt. Only 15 minutes are needed to reach Genk with your car. It takes about 47 minutes to reach Kerkrade with your car.


Freinetschool Keerpunt is the most convieniently located high school: just 28 minutes away by bike. The closest nursery is named "De Kabouters" and is 1 minute' away by car. There is a nearby preschool and elementary school: "Vrije Basisschool", 3 minutes away by bike.

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