We help real estate websites provide essential information about the neighborhoods of their listings

Wether with JavaScript plugins to directly show our map on your website or by using our API, we bring information to your visitors with points of interest on map or textual summary…
Currently available in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg & Germany.

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Quick integration

Quick integration

Whether for a new website or to replace an existing map: integrating our map takes less than 5 minutes!

Hosted in the cloud

Hosted in the cloud

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, Yatmo services are highly scalable and always available.

Save time

Save time

No more wasting time manually listing schools, groceries shop, bus stops, etc. in your ads descriptions!

Map with key points of interest

We don't pollute your map with unnecessary information: we only display what is really important for a real estate search.

And our plugins don't pollute your website with cookies...

Why choose our services?

We inform your visitors about the most important points of interest in their daily life.


Boost your SEOwith impact on long tail thanks to our JavaScript plugin "summary"!

Private property address?

We know you don't always want to share the address of a property: with our map, you can just show the area to give an idea on the neighborhood.

Best Performance

We don't want to slow down your website: that's why our plugins and our API are very fast!

Looking for a more advanced scenario? More questions?

Our API also exposes more services:

Search by POI as criteria (example: your visitors can search for a loft at 500 m from metro line 5 and 1 km from a primary school).
Calculate "isochrones" to show the accessible area in a given travel mode (car, foot, bike and public transport) and time:
Statistic data of the municialities' demography and buildings (only for France and Belgium).


We also propose a geomarketing tool (contact us to get a demo account): useful if you are a supermarket brand looking to find a nice spot to open a new shop, if you are a real estate developer who needs to know the most important services around a potential location, etc.


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Denis Huvelle
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Denis Massion
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