A MAP + TEXT to insert on your real estate ads to present the surroundings of the property

"What is the 1st factor that determines the value of a property?"  "Location, location, location"  Harold Samuel

Why choose Yatmo for your real estate ads

Yatmo allows you to add a location map to each ad.
Integration takes only a few minutes.
Selected points of interest are displayed (schools, transport, shops...)
Display the public transport route, anything that will really impact your visitors' daily lives.
This information is also included in an auto-generated text.
We automatically pick up everything close to a text: this will not only help your SEO, it is also a way to inform your visitors without giving away the address...

The Yatmo benefits

Optimised SEO for your ads

Detailed info for the visibility of your advertisements - up to 20% additional traffic.

Writing time divided by 2

Geolocate points of interest and generate text automatically.

Your customers project themselves in their future neighborhood

Adding environment elements increases viewing time by up to 25%.

They use Yatmo on their real estate website

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Thanks to Yatmo, we bring quality information on the neighbourhoods and surroundings of the properties we offer, for each of our visitors. Excellent collaboration for more than 4 years.

Eric SpitzerCEO

Emilie Vialle Logo Snapkey

Thanks to Yatmo, we can enrich our ads with information on the surroundings of the properties. Yatmo is the best compromise between simplicity and cost and perfectly meets our needs. The team is reactive. I recommend the solution."

Emilie VialleCEO & Co-Fondatrice

Serge Uschkaloff Logo Immotop

Very quickly the maps were displayed on all our advertisements. The POI module allows the user to imagine the accessibility of various points. The integration of the tool is simple and its effectiveness has been proven over time.

Serge UschkaloffCEO

SEO optimization for your real estate ad website.

Improving your position in search engines

  • It works: every search with POI keywords boosts your SEO.
  • Robust: in a few months your ads gain weight and it's sustainable.
  • Innovation: it is an advantage vs. your competitors.

A helping hand in the current period! In a health period where visits are less obvious, the solution proposed by Yatmo allows to discover the environment of the property without having to move.

see an example of automatically generated text


A better experience for your visitors in all transparency, less work for you and an improvement of your SEO for less money than SEA…


19.99 /month*
  • Limited to 1 agency
  • SSL
  • Technical support
  • Cookies free
  • One domain name
  • Free installment
  • Stop when you want
  • "Near Check" API


99.99 /month*
  • Up to 10 agencies
  • SSL
  • Technical support
  • Cookies free
  • One domain name
  • Free installment
  • Stop when you want
  • "Near Check" API


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  • SSL
  • Cookies free
  • ∞ domain names
  • "Near Check" API
  • Tailored solution for big agencies, agencies groups, real estate portals, web agencies, etc.
* VAT not included

Yatmo: who are we?

We are 2 partners and first imagined a real estate website based on a fluid and uncluttered user experience. We studied different markets and shared with real estate agents. It emerged that the environment of the property was one of the determining criteria for buying.

As we progressed, we switched and abandoned this website idea to focus solely on an API. With the objective of answering this request that kept coming up: "How can I present the surroundings of a property in my ads in a visual and efficient way?".

Yatmo was born out of this need. Our expertise is now strong in the knowing needs of clients with a real estate transaction project. Also real estate agencies and larger portals. Our know-how digital allows us to develop simple and effective solutions from the databases we have created or/and formatted.

Team Yatmo