Why choose Yatmo?


Optimized SEO
of your ads

Detailed info for your ad visibility and up to 20% additional traffic.


Writing time
divided by 2

Geolocate points of interest in a way and generate text automatically.


Your customers project themselves
into their future neighbourhood

Adding elements about the area increases viewing time by up to 25%.

It's easy! An integration on your site in less than 24h!

Every day, more than 1,300,000 ads
are enhanced with Yatmo

  • Quick installation

    Your map is active within a day!

  • No effort required

    Integration is fast and easy on your website.

  • No updates or upgrades from you

    Everything is automated.

We cover the following countries:

Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria

Yatmo also provides regional solution for the rest of the world

The optimized SEO of your ad website

You can see the impact on research results.

  • It's effective!

    Your SEO is boosted with each search with POI keywords

  • Robust

    In a few months your ads gain weight. And it's long-lasting !

  • Innovation

    This is an advantage vs. your competitors.


In a period when visits are less obvious, the solution proposed by Yatmo makes it possible to discover the environment of the property without moving.

They use Yatmo on their real estate website

Eric Spitzer, CEO @ ImmoVlan.be

Eric Spitzer

Thanks to Yatmo, we bring quality information on the neighbourhoods and surroundings of the properties we offer, for each of our visitors. Excellent collaboration for more than 8 years.
Alessandro Bolla, Head of Product @ Subito/Adevinta

Alessandro Bolla

Head of Product
Our Subito.it portal and our teams recognize the quality service provided by Yatmo, appreciating its responsiveness and effective solutions. We benefit from Yatmo's proactive approach, which has had a positive impact on our team's productivity. Our partnership with Yatmo has been instrumental in streamlining our processes, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration on the basis of these promising results.
Andrea Maramotti, CEO @ Immotop.lu

Andrea Maramotti

Yatmo is a great small company managed by 2 very knowledgeable guys, very enjoyable to work with. Their Point of Interest is a feature that we've added to all our listings: it provides users with very important information like accessibility, schools, shops and public transportation to offer them a brief but exhaustive overview of the area surrounding the property. The software is well maintained and easy to integrate.

Yatmo: who are we?

We are 2 partners and first imagined a real estate website based on a fluid and uncluttered user experience. We studied different markets and shared with real estate agents. It emerged that the environment of the property was one of the determining criteria for buying.

As we progressed, we switched and abandoned this website idea to focus solely on an API. With the objective of answering this request that kept coming up: "How can I present the surroundings of a property in my ads in a visual and efficient way?".

Yatmo was born out of this need. Our expertise is now strong in the knowing needs of clients with a real estate transaction project. Also real estate agencies and larger portals. Our know-how digital allows us to develop simple and effective solutions from the databases we have created or/and formatted.

Still hesitating? Here are some questions/answers

Am I committed for a long term?

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There is no minimum commitment period, you stop whenever you want.

Does it work on all websites?

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Yatmo can be integrated very easily and quickly into any site, regardless of its technology.

I don't want to display the exact address of the property?

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Yatmo can also provide information about the environment without revealing the precise location of the property.

Is the data updated?

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Our bots do everything necessary to keep the data as up-to-date as possible.

Is it stable?

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No service interruption since the launch of Yatmo in 2016.

How much does it cost?

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The solution is already available for €39/month excluding VAT for an agency.

In which languages is Yatmo available?

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For each covered country, Yatmo supports the different national languages plus English.

Can I add more points of interest?

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Custom development is always possible: contact us at infoyatmo.com to discuss :-)

Are there any constraints on the use of your map?

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Unlike large map providers, we have no data caching or other constraints and you can display your own POIs on our Yatmo map.

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