Wijnegem 2110

Tourism in Wijnegem

Want to play golf? You will find "Ternesse Golf & Country Club" at 4 minutes.

Nearby cities around Ruggeveldstraat

It will take you 31 minutes to get to Antwerp by bike. In just 25 minutes by car you can reach Mechelen. Sint-Niklaas is only 27 minutes away by car. Only 24 minutes are needed to reach Beveren with your car.


Annuntia-Instituut is the most convieniently located high school: just 7 minutes away by bike. If you are looking for a nursery, "Pepijn" it is 7 minutes away by foot. There is a nearby preschool and elementary school: "Go! Kleuterschool Het Notendopje", 5 minutes away by bike.


For your food shopping, you have multiple options: "Aldi Wijnegem" (6 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car), "Albert Heijn - Wijnegem" (10 minutes by foot or 4 minutes by car), "Ad Delhaize Wijnegem" (15 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by car).


Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Wijnegem Shopping Center") is only 3 minutes’ drive away. The nearest airport is Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) and is reachable by car in 11 minutes. Thanks to the "Cambio - Wim Saerens" station, you can rent a car when you need one, in fewer than 25 minutes walk. The A13 / E313 (Antwerpen - Hasselt - Liège) motorway is accessible in 4 minutes and A12 (Brussels - Boom - Antwerpen - (Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands)) will take 6 minutes. A SNCB station ("Antwerpen-Oost / Anvers-Est") is located 21 minutes away by bike, or 8 minutes by car. If you appreciate the flexibility offered by renting a bike, you can find the "Donkey - Wijnegem Ertbrugge/Wervehoef" station at just 7 minutes’ walk away.

Public transports

The closest tram lines are De Lijn - 10 - Wijnegem - P+R Schoonselhof, De Lijn - 5 - Wijnegem - P+R Linkeroever with a stand 4 minutes’ walk away. This property is located close to a few bus lines: De Lijn - 410 - Antwerpen - Turnhout, De Lijn - 404 - Wijnegem - Zandhoven VTI via Halle, De Lijn - 780 - Zandvliet - Kapellen - Brasschaat - Wijnegem with a stop 4 minutes away by foot.

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