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Addresses in Engis (Hoei / Huy), commune of 27.7 km²: 6,138 people live in this area where there are slightly more women (50.3%) than men in this municipality. The inhabitants are mostly owners (66%) from their homes, they have an average age close to 38 years and their average income is 15,346€ net per year. Households have on average 1.2 cars or below the Belgian average (1.3).

The inhabitants come from these different countries:
- 94.5% Belgium
- 1.9% Italy
- 1% France
- 0.7% Spain
- 0.3% Romania
- 0.2% Netherlands
- 0.2% Morocco
- 1.2% Other

The most common first names for women in Engis are Marie, Nathalie, Isabelle, Maria and Anne and the most common first names for men are Jean, Philippe, Alain, Michel and Christophe.

On average, the homes you come across in Engis will have 5.7 rooms or below the Belgian average (6). With regard to the age of the buildings, they were built around 1932 and the dwellings in the municipality are distributed as follows: 7.8% apartment buildings and 92.2% houses.

The breakdown by type of building is as follows:
- 35.1% semi-closed type houses
- 27.3% open type houses, farms, castles
- 26.2% houses of the closed type
- 7.5% buildings and flat blocks
- 2.8% commercial houses
- 1.1% other types of buildings

Companies in Engis are located in the following sectors:
- 15 companies active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 12 firms present in "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 12 firms present in "business and other management consultancy activities"
- 10 corporations active in "roofing activities"
- 9 firms in the domain "mixed farming"
- 9 corporations in the field "landscape service activities"

Residents of Engis benefit from an entrance to the A15 / E42 (La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège) motorway: it is a 8 minute drive from the centre. The highway A3 / E25 - E40 - E42 (Brussels - Leuven - Liège - Eupen - (Aachen, Germany)) also has an access that can be reached in 14 minutes.

You will have easy access to the following roads in Engis:
- N617
- N639
- N644
- N696

Several supermarkets are at your disposal in the commune: 1 SPAR and 1 Delhaize.

If you have children or are planning to have children, you should know that the commune has 3 nurseries (for example: the nursery "La Maison Des Petites K'Nailles" or also "Les Petites Fripouilles"), 6 nursery schools ("Ecole Fondamentale Communale" or "Ecole Fondamentale Communale"), 6 primary schools (examples: "Ecole Fondamentale Communale" or "Ecole Fondamentale Communale") but no secondary school.

The bus is at your disposal in Engis with 7 lines such as:
- Bus TEC, Line 285: Neuville - Hermalle - Ombret - Flône - Stockay
- Bus TEC, Line 45: Jemeppe-Flémalle-Ivoz-Engis-Hardémont-Fagnes
- Bus TEC, Line 46: Jemeppe - Ivoz - Flémalle - Engis - Flône - Amay
- Bus TEC, Line 685: Huy - Amay - Hermalle - Flône
- Bus TEC, Line 9: Liège - Seraing - Engihoul - Flône - Tihange - Huy

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Engis", "Flemalle-Haute", "Leman", "Flemalle-Grande", "Haute-Flône".

Do you use an electric car or would you like to switch to this type of vehicle in the near future? Be aware that 1 electric recharging stations are located in the commune of Engis!

In 44 minutes by public transport or 13 minutes by car you can reach the airport "Liège Airport".

We are not aware of the existence of shared bicycles in this commune. Engis does not offer shared cars.

Impasse de l'Hospice
Impasse Leclercq
Aux Houx
Chaussée de Liège
Chaussée Freddy Terwagne
Chemin du Marteau
Chêne Jamart
Allée des Vergers
Allée du Vieux Chêne
Cité des Rys
Cité Edouard Vandeweghe
Cour des Postiers
Ferme aux Prés
Fontaine Saint-Jean
Rue du 15 Août
Rue du Bois
Rue du Maréchal Foch
Rue du Marly
Rue de la Goffe
Rue de la Paix
Rue de la Poudrerie
Rue de la Source
Rue de la Station
La Croix
Les Forges
Grand Route
Rue de Wérihet
Rue d'Ehein
Rue des Alunières
rue des Chasseurs Ardennais
Rue des Ecoliers
Rue des Fagnes
Route de Ramioul
Route de Yernée
Rue du Parc
Rue du Parc Industriel
Rue du Pont
Rue du Val d'Awirs
Rue Fouyet
Rue Gerée
Rue Hottine
Rue Joseph Wauters
Rue Trokay
Rue Vinâve
Ruelle Jean-Gilles Jacob
Ruelle Richard
Sart Robiet
Rue Lambert Lepage
Rue Leclercq
Sentier de l'Ecole
Sentier du Bois de Horion
Square de la Rose
Rue des Hautes Vignes
Rue des Mèches
Rue des Prés
Rue des Trente-Six Tournants
Rue des Tuiliers
Rue des Villas
Rue d'Ombret
Rue Magotte
Square de l'Alliance
Square des Lilas
Zoning Industriel d'Engis
Rue Albert 1er
Rue Camille Lecrenier
Rue Chaumont
Rue Chèravoie
Rue de la Croix-Rouge
Rue Neuve Voie
Rue Nicolas Lhomme
Rue Nouvelle Route
Rue Reine Astrid
Rue Richard
Rue Ronheu
Ombret Forges
Place des Déportés et des Réfractaires
Place d'Hermalle
Rue Roua
Rue Sart Lombart
Rue Thier Ardent
Rue Thier d'Olne
Rue Thier Oulet
Rue Trihette
Quai du Halage
Quai Léopold Herten
Rue de la Surface
Rue de la Tour Malakoff
Rue de l'Industrie
Rue du Vicinal

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