Meix-devant-Virton 6769

Addresses in Meix-Devant-Virton (Virton), as which has 2,809 inhabitants in an area 55 km² with more women (51%) than men in this agglomeration. The average age is 40 years, the inhabitants are in majority owners (81%) of their dwelling and have an average per capita income of 17,036€ net per year. There is an average of 1.3 cars per household and is therefore within the Belgian average.

The most represented nationalities are the following:
- 95.5% Belgium
- 3.2% France
- 0.3% Luxembourg
- 0.1% Portugal
- 0.1% Romania
- 0.1% Cameroon
- 0.1% Italy
- 0.4% Other

Jean, Michel, Philippe, Pierre and Dominique are the most common first names for men in Meix-Devant-Virton and Marie, Jeanne, Françoise, Catherine and Christine for women.

On average, the homes you come across in Meix-Devant-Virton will have 6.4 rooms either above the country's average (6). In terms of the age of the buildings, the average is around 1926 with this distribution: 98% houses and 2% apartment buildings.

There are buildings distributed as follows:
- 43.2% open type houses, farms, castles
- 27.5% semi-closed type houses
- 24.9% houses of the closed type
- 2% buildings and flat blocks
- 1.3% other types of buildings
- 1.1% commercial houses

Companies in Meix-Devant-Virton are located in the following sectors:
- 20 corporations present in "mixed farming"
- 8 corporations active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 5 corporations present in "plumbing, heat and air conditioning installation"
- 4 corporations active in "construction of residential and non-residential buildings"
- 4 companies active in "electrical installation"
- 4 firms active in "restaurants and mobile food service activities"

Living in Meix-Devant-Virton, you will not be far from an entrance to the A4 / E411 - E25 (Brussels - Namur - Arlon - (Luxembourg (city), Luxembourg)) motorway, which is 15 minutes by car from the centre of the town. An entrance for the A28 / E411 motorway (Aubange - Athus - (Longwy, France)) is also accessible in 31 minutes.

You will have easy access to the following roads in Meix-Devant-Virton:
- N88
- D 110
- N886
- N891
- N895

For education, the municipality has no nurseries, 6 nursery schools ("Ecole Fondamentale Communale" or "Ecole Fondamentale Libre Les Prés Vers"), 6 primary schools ("Ecole Fondamentale Libre Les Prés Vers" or "Ecole Fondamentale Communale" for example) but no secondary school.

Meix-Devant-Virton is served by 3 lines of bus including these lines:
- Bus TEC, Line 165ab: Florenville - Virton - Saint-Mard
- Bus TEC, Line 24: Namur (Gare) - Daussoulx
- Bus TEC, Line 346: Villers-sur-Semois - Breuvanne - Tintigny

Here is the choice in the available stations: "Virton", "Marbehan", "Florenville", "Habay", "Halanzy".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

In 97 minutes by car or 682 minutes by public transport, the nearest airport is Liège Airport.

We are not aware of the existence of shared bicycles in this commune. Meix-Devant-Virton does not seem to offer shared cars.

Rue de Guérigny
Chemin de Cugnimont
Rue Fontaine aux Roses
Rue Grand Moulin
Rue Grandchamps
Rue Grande Fontaine
Rue Guinguettes
Rue Haute
Rue Honoré Berne
Rue des Aubépines
Rue des Ecoles
Rue des Genêts
Rue des Paquis
Rue des Roses
Rue des Vieux Sarts
Rue Devant Limes
Rue du Centre
Rue du Chaufour
Rue du Cimetière
Rue du Laveux
Rue du Moulin
Rue du Pargé
Rue du Tilleul
Rue Eaubruchet
Rue Fenderie
Rue Fernand Didier
Rue Firmin Lepage
Rue Fontaine au Fond
Ruelle Cochin
Ruelle Perdue
Vieille Rue
Rue de la Comète
Rue de la Gare
Rue de la Halte
Rue de la Platinerie
Place du Tilleul
Quartier Camille Naisse
Route de la Soye
Rue de la Poncette
Rue de la Source
Rue de la Trembloie
Rue de la Vallée des Forges
Rue de Launoy
Rue de l'Enfer
Rue de Rosière
Route de Meix
Route d'Orval
Rue Abbé Deldime
Rue aux Mottes
Rue aux Roches
Rue Basse
Rue de Sommethonne
Rue La Core
Rue Bellevue
Rue Berchiwé
Rue Bousserez
Rue de Virton
Rue Les Douards
Rue Lucien Evrard
Rue Maisons Auge
Rue Morette
Rue Othé
Rue Pisselotte
Rue Pré Cathelenne
Rue Robert Arquin
Rue Savelan
Rue Transversale
Rue Ville Haute
Rue Yvan Gils
Rue Charbeau
Rue Cholette
Rue Criquet
Rue Croix Jacques
Barrière de Belle Vue
Champs Barbier
Château des Alouettes
Chaussée Romaine
Chemin de Luse
Chemin des Naux
Ferme de Belle Vue
Ferme de la Malasude
Ferme de Rosière
Ferme d'Harpigny
Ferme du Brigat
Rue d'Avioth
Rue de Bridoux
Ferme du Verly
Garde de Dieu
La Barrière
La Soye
Les Linettes
Les Onze Jours
Petite Rue
Place de France
Place de l'Eglise
Rue de Célimont
Rue de Florenville
Rue de Gérouville
Rue de Grihire
Rue de la Chapelle
Rue de la Colline
Chemin de la Pardurie
Ferme du Hayon
Rue de Rossart
Chemin de la Pierre Jeanne

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