Montigny-le-Tilleul 6110

Addresses in Montigny-Le-Tilleul (Charleroi), a municipality of 15.2 km² in which 10,112 people reside with a higher proportion of women (52.9%) than men in this municipality. The average age is 45 years, residents are majority ownership (73%) in their own homes and have an average annual net per capita income of 20,988€. There is an average of 1.3 cars per household or precisely the national average.

Citizens come from the following countries:
- 93.4% Belgium
- 3.4% Italy
- 1.1% France
- 0.3% Romania
- 0.2% Turkey
- 0.2% Greece
- 0.1% Morocco
- 1.3% Other

The most common first names for women in Montigny-Le-Tilleul are Marie, Anne, Françoise, Nathalie and Christine and the most common first names for men are Jean, Philippe, Michel, Pierre and Christian.

The average number of rooms in Montigny-Le-Tilleul is about 5.9 is lower than the national average (6). The average year of construction of the buildings is 1941 and the dwellings in the municipality are distributed as follows: 90.4% houses and 9.6% apartment buildings.

More specifically, here is the breakdown by type of building:
- 43% open type houses, farms, castles
- 28.7% semi-closed type houses
- 15.4% houses of the closed type
- 9.2% buildings and flat blocks
- 2.3% other types of buildings
- 1.3% commercial houses

Companies in Montigny-Le-Tilleul are located in the following sectors:
- 39 firms in the domain "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 31 firms active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 29 firms present in "business and other management consultancy activities"
- 23 companies present in "legal activities"
- 19 firms present in "construction of residential and non-residential buildings"
- 17 corporations present in "plumbing, heat and air conditioning installation"

Residents of Montigny-Le-Tilleul benefit from an entrance to the A54 / E420 (Nivelles - Charleroi) motorway: it is a 9 minute drive from the centre. The highway A15 / E42 (La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège) also has an access that can be reached in 9 minutes.

These main roads pass through Montigny-Le-Tilleul:
- N53
- N579

Different supermarkets are available: 1 Louis Delhaize, 1 LIDL, 1 Carrefour and 1 Delhaize.

For education, the municipality offers 3 nurseries ("B. F." or "Les Bambis" for example), 8 nursery schools ("Groupe Scolaire Fougères-Landelies" or "Ecole Fondamentale Libre Saint-Jean Berchmans"), 8 primary schools (e.g. school "Ecole Fondamentale Libre Saint-Jean Berchmans" or "Groupe Scolaire Fougères-Landelies") but no secondary school.

12 lines of bus passing through Montigny-Le-Tilleul, here is an overview of the possibilities:
- Bus TEC, Line 173: Piéton - Fontaine - Landelies - Charleroi-Sud
- Bus TEC, Line 70: Montigny-le-Tilleul (Vésale) - Charleroi Sud
- Bus TEC, Line 71: Charleroi Sud - Monceau-sur-Sambre (Moulin)
- Bus TEC, Line 75: Goutroux (Pairotte) - Gozée - Thuillies
- Bus TEC, Line 77: Goutroux (Pairotte) - Montigny-le-Tilleul (Vésale)

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Landelies", "Hourpes", "Marchienne-Zone", "Jamioulx", "Beignée".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

The best placed airport in relation to the municipality is "Brussels South Charleroi Airport". It is 65 minutes by public transport or 13 minutes by car.

It would seem that there are no shared bicycles in this commune. Montigny-Le-Tilleul has no shared cars at the moment.

Rue des Rossignols
Rue de Leernes
Rue de l'Eglise
Rue de l'Espinette
Rue des Vignes
Rue des Villas
Rue Désiré Quenne
Rue du Cerisier
Rue du Déversoir
Rue de Malfalise
Rue du Fer à Cheval
Rue du Grand Chemin
Rue du Moulin
Rue du Panorama
Rue du Progrès
Rue du Rond Point
Rue de Marbaix
Rue de Marchienne
Avenue des Faisans
Avenue des Pervenches
Avenue des Violettes
Rue de Mons
Rue de Montereale-Valcellina
Rue de Mont-sur-Marchienne
Avenue de Vincennes
Avenue des Anémones
Avenue des Ecureuils
Avenue des Eglantines
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Lazare
Rue de Zone
Rue des Acacias
Rue des Argentines
Rue des Béguines
Boulevard de la Plagne
Chemin de Halage
Chemin de la Falgeotte
Rue du Ruisseau
Rue du Tombois
Rue du Tournebus
Rue du Try
Rue des Bouleaux
Rue des Bruyères
Rue des Chauffours
Rue des Combattants
Rue des Couturelles
Rue des Déportés
Rue des Douze Apôtres
Rue des Ecoles
Rue des Fauvettes
Rue des Flanolles
Rue de la Station
Rue des Fougères
Rue des Jacinthes
Rue des Mésanges
Rue de Landelies
Rue de l'Ecluse
Rue des Pinsons
Rue des Rocailles
Rue des Ronces
Rue Wilmet
Sentier Bois Trèlong
Square du Tilleul
Rue de Bomerée
Rue de Cousolre
Rue de Gozée
Rue de Grand Bry
Rue de Hameau
Rue de Jamioulx
Rue de la Madeleine
Rue de la Couronne
Rue de la Croix Rouge
Rue de la Falgeotte
Rue de la Liberté
Rue de la Malaquise
Rue du Val d'Heure
Rue du Vert Bois
Rue Estelle Chaudron
Rue de la Montagne
Rue de la Paix
Rue de la Place
Cité Forte Taille
Rue de la Plagne
Rue de la Résistance
Rue de la Sablière
Place Biarent
Place des Combattants
Place des Déportés
Place du Try
Place Sottiaux
Rue Albert Darquenne
Rue Albert Ier
Rue Beaucory
Rue Franz Durieux
Rue Genly
Rue Henri Dunant
Rue Jambe de Bois
Rue Léon Sacré
Rue les Coteaux du Tilleul
Rue Major Housiau
Rue Marc Delhaye
Rue Paul Pastur
Rue Picard
Rue Roger Desaise
Rue Trieu Maillard
Rue Try des Gaux
Rue Blanc Caillou
Rue Bois de Mer
Rue Bois Delville
Rue Bois du Hant
Rue Bois Frion
Rue Bois Trèlong
Rue Chêne Bonnet
Rue Chevelot
Rue Cour du Château
Rue d'Aulne
Rue Vandervelde
Rue François Bovesse
Avenue des Pommiers
Rue de la Foliette
Rue de la Briqueterie
Avenue du Bois des Sartis
Rue des Mulets
Rue du Corby
Rue du Faubourg
Place de France
Rue Léon Dubray

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