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Addresses in Tellin (Neufchâteau), a municipality of 57 km² in which 2,432 people reside with fewer men than women (50.4%). The average age is 40 years, residents are in majority owners (73%) in their own homes and have an average annual net per capita income of 17,160€. There is an average of 1.3 cars per household or precisely the national average.

Citizens come from the following countries:
- 97.6% Belgium
- 0.4% France
- 0.3% Netherlands
- 0.2% Poland
- 0.2% Spain
- 0.2% Sweden
- 0.1% Germany
- 1% Other

In Tellin, the first names you will hear the most in women are Marie, Françoise, Anne, Isabelle and Caroline and for men you will regularly come across Jean, Philippe, Michel, Christophe and Olivier.

The average number of rooms in Tellin is about 6.6 or more than the national average (6). In terms of the age of the buildings, the average is around 1939 with this distribution: 99.6% houses and 0.4% apartment buildings.

There are buildings distributed as follows:
- 46% open type houses, farms, castles
- 22.3% semi-closed type houses
- 19.2% other types of buildings
- 10.8% houses of the closed type
- 1.5% commercial houses
- 0.3% buildings and flat blocks

Companies in Tellin are located in the following sectors:
- 19 companies present in "mixed farming"
- 10 companies present in "construction of residential and non-residential buildings"
- 7 corporations present in "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 7 companies in the field "landscape service activities"
- 6 firms active in "electrical installation"
- 6 firms in the domain "maintenance and repair of motor vehicles"

Living in Tellin, you will not be far from an entrance to the A4 / E411 - E25 (Brussels - Namur - Arlon - (Luxembourg (city), Luxembourg)) motorway, which is 4 minutes by car from the centre of the town. An entrance for the A26 / E25 motorway (Liège - Bastogne - Neufchâteau) is also accessible in 32 minutes.

In Tellin, you will also have access to these main roads:
- N803
- N846
- N899

As far as children are concerned, the municipality contains 3 nurseries (example: "F. L." or "A. L."), 3 nursery schools ("Ecole Fondamentale Communale" or "Ecole Fondamentale Communale"), 3 primary schools ("Ecole Fondamentale Communale" or "Ecole Fondamentale Communale" for example) and a secondary school ("College D'Alzon").

The bus is at your disposal in Tellin with 6 lines such as:
- Bus NMBS/SNCB, Line BUS: Tournai -- Mouscron
- Bus TEC, Line 162b: Libramont - Jemelle
- Bus TEC, Line 29: Jemelle - Wellin - Grupont
- Bus TEC, Line 5/2: Saint-Hubert - Nassogne - Saint-Hubert
- Bus TEC, Line 62: Rochefort - Tellin - Grupont - Mirwart

Here is the choice in the available stations: "Grupont", "Forrières", "Poix-Saint-Hubert", "Rochefort-Jemelle", "Marloie".

If you need to recharge your electric vehicle, 2 recharging stations are available in Tellin.

In 163 minutes by public transport or 64 minutes by car you can reach the airport "Liège Airport".

It would seem that there are no shared bicycles in this commune. Tellin has no shared cars at the moment.

Rue des Italiens
Rue Brasserie
Rue du Vieux Moulin
Rue des Boyes
Drève des Maralles
Rue du Bac aux Viviers
Rue Saint-Urbain
Ruelle du Fouy
Sur les Roches
Tiers Hubiet
Val des Cloches
Vieux Chemin de Grupont
Rue du Centre
Rue du Cimetière
Fouy d'en Bas
Golette Nobiet
Rue du Couvent
Rue du Moulin
Rue du Ruisseau
Rue du Thioray
Rue du Vicinal
Rue Général Baron Jacques
La Douave
La Ruelle
Le Bestin
Le Cruckay
Le Tombois
Rue de Bouges
Rue de Bouillon
Rue de Frenet
Rue de Grupont
Rue de Han
Rue de la Carrière
Rue de la Culée
Les Brûlins
Les Cambuses
Les Croisettes
Mont du Carillon
Parc du Forgeron
Pasay de Grupont
Pasay Moray Cortil
Place de l'Eglise
Place de l'Yser
Route de Chanly
Rue de la Libération
Rue de la Station
Rue de la Victoire
Rue de l'Eglise
Rue de Lesterny
Rue de l'Impératrice
Rue Grande
Rue Léon Charlier
Rue Maréchal Foch
Rue Notre-Dame de Haurt
Rue Saint-Joseph
Rue Saint-Roch
Dessous le Coray
Camping Tienne des Vignes
Chemin de Chéfiris
Chemin de la Clusure
Rue de Longchamps
Chemin de la Fonderie
Chemin de la Grotte
Chemin de Lavaux
Chemin de Monteveau
Chemin de Nanry
Chemin des Bruyères
Route de la Falloise
Route de Rochefort
Route de Stan
Route de Valenne
Rue Al Quère
Rue Américaine
Rue de Mirwart
Rue de Rochefort
Rue de Saint-Hubert
Rue de Tellin
Rue des Ecoles
Rue des Fosses
Chemin des Cachets
Chemin des Crêtes
Chemin du Bois
Devant Herwy
Rue Belair
Rue Burlin
Rue Croix Renkin
Rue des Noyers
Rue des Roches
Rue d'Hervin
Rue Dragon Paul Fisseux
Batis d'Haurt
Rue du Courtil
Clos du Chaurnet
Rue du Tchênet
Rue de Germepré
Rue du Centenaire
Rue Elisabeth
Rue Général Leman
Rue de Belvaux
Chemin des Avioux

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